About VTS

About VTS

Most modern citizens have accepted the risks of putting their entire lives into the digital ether. Our most sensitive data is stored on the web and within systems outside of our control… and the hackers have noticed.

In order to provide the absolute best cybersecurity capabilities, VTS employs only experts. Everyone at VTS has performed their jobs in the real world, many for more than twenty years. Our personnel are true “subject-matter experts”, with very challenging and often unique experiences dealing with the most complex adversaries in the US and abroad.

We do not advertise job openings, and, outside of our robust and highly sought-after internship program, we do not hire individuals directly out of school. All personnel are heavily vetted through direct relationships or extensive experience. Additionally, all have had the most in-depth background screenings, and almost all are combat veterans, with additional training and hard to acquire skills that cannot be advertised commercially.

Meet the Team

Introducing the highly experianced professionals of Virescit Tactical Systems (VTS), a wholly owned subsidiary of WiSC Enterprises. WiSC’s goal is to enable tactically scalable, capability-based interoperability to achieve transparent information and intelligence exchange in a secure environment to their worldwide customers, partners, and communities. Several of our expert staff wear two hats and work diligently for both the WiSC and VTS teams to better serve the needs of our clients.

Kamal Hossain

Kamal Hossain

WiSC/VTS Chief Strategy Officer

Garry Klegin | CFO at VTS

Garry Klegin


Patrick Doran | Director of Contracts & Operations

Patrick Doran

WiSC/VTS Director of Contracts

Bett Musa | Director of HR

Betty Musa

WiSC/VTS Director of HR

Kelly Pearcy

Kelly Pearcy

Web & Graphic Design Specialist