Social Engineering Penetration Testing (SEPT™) Program


The most advanced technical and policy means for security all stop at the end user. Personnel, including contractors, and third-party vendors, can represent an unpredictable threat vulnerability for all types of organizations. At Virescit Tactical Systems (VTS), we recognize the tremendous value which comes with knowing your personnel can identify, evaluate and avoid threats, while maintaining the highest possible operational effectiveness.

We at VTS believe in performing our duties to benefit American citizens, businesses and government organizations, whether that’s in the US, or the distant reaches of foreign shores. We are dedicated to guarding those organizations and personnel from harmful publicity, perceptions, operational effects and the aftershocks from internal and external breaches of security. We’ve taken security assessment further than the traditional scope and built our Social Engineering & Penetration Testing (SEPT™).

  • Vulnerability & Threat Assessment (Physical, Personnel, Infrastructure and Technical, Vendors, Partners, etc.)
  • Soft Skills Training & Policy
  • Insider Threat Policy & Programs (Assessment, Training, Neutralization)
  • Advance Persistent Threat Mitigation (Assessment, Training, Defense)
  • Critical Risk / Vulnerability Management (Identification, Assessment, Target-Hardening)
  • Short to Long Term Programs (Multiple custom options based on assessment)