Virtus 1 Program – Secure Architecture

VTS Secure Connectivity

VTS provides added layers of security and tactical network solutions to mobile and wireless devices.

Additionally, our “Virtus 1” architecture model allows remote, real time access to strategic and tactical information, on demand, with ZERO requirements for bulky, in line HAIPE encryption devices and a “zero data-at rest” end user device environment. The solution is vendor agnostic and meets all Suite-B encryption, “Commercial Solutions for Classified” (CSfC), and FIPS 140-2 validation requirements…

Tactically access the most sensitive information in your organization… at any time, from anywhere, in one of the world’s most highly secure “bolt-on” mobile environments available.

Secure Mobile & Wireless Security Solutions

  • Strategic and Tactical wireless/mobile TS/SCI capable
  • Tactical Information & Communication Systems
  • Mobile Resources for Medical First Responders
  • Mobile Information & Communications Systems for First Responders
  • Mobile & Remote Commercial & Federal Banking Security